A Unique Collectible Opportunity Awaits

As the political landscape continues to evolve, so does the historical significance of your Politic Packs cards. In a surprising move, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has recently changed his party registration from Democrat to Independent. This pivotal shift not only marks a significant moment in contemporary U.S. politics but also enhances the collectible value of your existing Senator Joe Manchin cards.

Collector’s Alert: Own a Piece of Political History

Currently, your Politic Packs collection might include Senator Manchin labeled under his previous Democratic affiliation—a now rare artifact that captures a specific moment in his political career before this major transition. We encourage our collectors to view these cards as a snapshot of political history, making them a valuable and unique piece of your collection. As such, the existing Democrat-labeled cards are expected to become a sought-after collector’s item.

Visual Distinctions: Front of the Card

Our Politic Packs cards are designed with thoughtful attention to detail, reflecting the political affiliations of each featured senator through specific color schemes and emblems.


  • Color Scheme: Democratic cards are distinguished by highlights of blue, a color traditionally associated with the Democratic Party. In contrast, our Independent cards utilize a purple color scheme, symbolizing the blend of ideologies from both the left and the right. This choice reflects the Independent stance of adopting policies from both major parties, as red and blue combine to make purple.
  • Emblem/Seal: Each card’s front also features an emblem or seal that corresponds to the senator’s affiliation. While Democratic cards display the Democratic Party’s emblem, Independent cards are marked with a unique Independent seal, signifying their political independence.

Differences on the Back of the Card

The back of each card continues the theme of distinct political representation, offering collectors and enthusiasts a quick visual reference to a senator’s affiliation.


  • Affiliation Title: At the top of each card, the senator’s current political affiliation is prominently displayed. This ensures that whether a senator is a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, it’s clearly identifiable.

  • Color Highlights: Similar to the front, the back of the card features color highlights that align with the senator’s political party. Democratic cards will have blue accents, while Independent cards are highlighted with purple, maintaining visual consistency and distinction throughout the card.

Update and Future Releases

To ensure our collections continue to reflect the latest political developments, an updated card depicting Senator Manchin as an Independent will be included in the next print batch. We invite our community to stay tuned for the release date of this updated card, which promises to be another essential addition to your comprehensive Politic Packs collection.

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