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Politic Packs are collectible and educational trading cards that feature U.S. Senators, historical political figures, and key moments in American politics. Each pack offers a unique way to learn about the political landscape of the United States.

Each pack contains 9 trading cards and 1 exclusive sticker. The total collection includes 100 Senator Cards, 50 State Cards, 7 Legendary Cards, and 7 Patriotic Puzzle Cards, along with 29 different stickers.

Each pack is pre-packaged to ensure a diverse and surprise element in every collection. However, specific cards cannot be chosen or guaranteed in individual packs.

Yes, our collection includes rare “legendary” cards with a foiled finish and “Patriotic Puzzle” cards filled with trivia. These special editions are randomly inserted into packs.

Our dedicated Politic Packs app allows collectors to register their cards using unique serial numbers, track which cards they have, and identify the ones they need to complete their collection.

Absolutely! We encourage collectors to connect and trade cards to help complete their collections. Our app offers features to facilitate trading within the community.

Politic Packs are available for purchase on our website and through selected retailers. Check our website for a list of authorized sellers.

Yes, Politic Packs are designed to be both educational and engaging for collectors of all ages, including children. They offer a fun way to learn about U.S. politics and history.

We aim to update our collections regularly with new cards and series. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for the latest releases and updates.

For more information, inquiries, or support, please contact our customer service team at We’re here to help!

Absolutely. Now more than ever, there’s a growing recognition among Americans of the importance of bipartisanship in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Through education, dialogue, and a shared commitment to the common good, we’re seeing an increasing willingness to cross party lines and work together. Politic Packs aims to contribute to this spirit by fostering a deeper understanding of diverse political perspectives, celebrating our nation’s rich political heritage, and encouraging constructive engagement. We believe in the power of informed citizens to drive positive change and bridge divides, making bipartisanship not just a goal, but a reality for the future of American politics.

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We have entered our next phase and are ready to accept pre-orders!

Politic Packs offers collectible and educational trading cards on American politics, featuring U.S. Senators and historical events. Dive into governance and history with us. Join now!

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